World Class Cuisine

With a world-class chef cooking prime cuisine, Taikin boasts the sous-vide method, a cooking process that retains juices, aromas and texture for an unparalleled dining experience.

A fusion of Japanese, Thai, and Caribbean dishes lends a unique twist to many signature plates.


About Us

Located in the Doral Commons Shopping Plaza

Taikin is the only restaurant of its kind in the Doral area, so now you have Asian fusion at your fingertips. The Doral Commons Shopping Plaza houses the restaurant, so whether you are a guest at the nearby hotel or a Miami resident, the restaurant is well-located and easy to find. In fact, if you are an area professional needing a new lunch hour spot (or a spot to wine, dine and impress clients over lunch), look no further. Taikin has the elegance and simplicity you need to┬ámake a good impression. After all, the name “Taikin” represents fortune and wealth.